2018 Program Highlights

We summarized our volunteer data collected in 2018 and the highlights can be found in this fact sheet.

AVID Method Resources

Preferred Species-PDF icon preferredspecieslist.pdf

Written Instructions- PDF icon writteninstructionavidmethod.pdf

Data Sheets

Site Data Sheets-PDF icon site_data_sheet.pdf

  • This sheet applies to all six plots. You will need one site data sheet.

Plot Data Sheets-PDF icon woody_seedling_data_sheet.pdf

  • This sheet applies to each plot. You will need six plot data sheets.

Tree ID Resources

Fact Sheets- PDF icon treefactsheet.pdf

A Beginner's Guide to Minnesota Trees- PDF icon beginners-guide-minnesota-trees.pdf

Minnesota Trees by David Rathke-

Overview and Educational Materials

1. Powerpoints

This powerpoint provides an overview of deer ecology and the impact deer can have on forest health. 

PDF icon deeroverview.pdf

This powerpoint introduces the AVID project, where it started, why we are doing it, and how to do it.

PDF icon introduction_to_avid.pdf

2. Videos

Deer and Minnesota's Forests (5:50)

Deer Impacts on Vegetation (5:19)

Setting up AVID Plots (4:25)

Measuring Seedlings in your AVID Plots (1:08)

Filling Out the AVID Site Data Sheet (3:23)

Filling Out the AVID Plot Data Sheet (2:58)

The Value of Your AVID Data (1:44)

Submitting Your Data

(1) Scan your data sheets, or take a high-quality photo of them.

If you choose this approach, please email the scanned document or photos to and

(2) Mail a physical copy of your data to:

Matt Russell

UMN Department of Forest Resources

1530 Cleveland Ave. N.

St. Paul, MN 55108